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Our Investments Mission is to provide an unrivalled Investment Management Service to our pension fund contributors by focusing our efforts in defining and maintaining clear investment policies and strategies that gives our contributors a clear competitive advantage.

Such competitive advantage is a function of the quality of our investment management team supported by infrastructure focused solely on complying with Pension fund investment guidelines.

Our approach is to allocate our various funds for optimal long term growth in a range of carefully selected investments. We research each investment strategy individually by undertaking an in-depth and full fundamental analysis. The capacity and integrity of the management, profit, growth and cash flow potential of the business are key factors which we consider when deciding whether or not to invest in stocks and bonds of any company.

We target our assets to achieve excess absolute returns in the medium to long term. In order to monitor investment management activity, our internal procedures require the investment management team to adhere to a broad systematic investment process.

Significant resources are employed to ensure each Pension fund investment vehicle is managed within the appropriate risk parameters and investment guidelines.

Extensive attribution of returns is applied to constantly monitor performance relative to benchmarks and peer groups. Maximizing total returns by investing in securities and instruments that would deliver long term capital appreciation and income growth without compromising the safety of the funds is of importance to us.

In all our activities the investment team at Crusader Sterling Pensions would

  • Be commercial, fair, honest and loyal
  • Respect the needs of our contributors, shareholders, staff and the businesses we invest in
  • Maintain our Integrity and Professionalism
  • Strive for continual improvement and innovation

The core of our Pension fund investment portfolios consist of long-term holdings which are considered to be stakes in businesses and the economy, selected on the basis of a 70% bottom-up and 30% top-down research driven approach. There is no ‘black box’ investment system and the selection process is on an asset by asset basis. Investments are made in a broad spectrum of instruments, sectors, industries and companies and in selecting these, the following factors, amongst others are considered:

  • Overall growth and return prospects
  • Competitive position in their respective markets
  • Technology, productivity, research and development
  • Commitment to increasing shareholder value
  • Cash flow
  • Corporate governance, to name a few


Kenneth Ezugwu

My account officer communicates with me regularly through emails and so far it has been an effective means for me. CrusaderSterling Pensions maintains good relationship… Read more »

Odukoya Olusoji Olumide

Institute Of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN)
How I wish another bulk payment of 25% could be made and the monthly pensions reduced further. I wish the company the best in its future endeavours and have no hesitation recommending the company to prospective pensioners. You need to PORT to CrusaderSteerling.

Prof. Alaba Isaac Olugboyega

University of Lagos
CrusaderSterling Pensions limited pays my monthly pensions regularly between the 19th and 21st of every month. Also, my statement of account is sent on request promptly. I also appreciate the annual retiree forums which are held annually to enhance interaction.

Aina Omotayo Aremu

Aina Omotayo Aremu

Investment Department
Proud to be one of the pioneer staff in the organization. I joined at the commencement of business with my first engagement in the Internal Control and Audit.
It has so far been a worthwhile experience through to my present engagement in the Investment Management at the Research Desk.

Ndikanwu Chibuzor

Compliance Department
My Career with CrusaderSterling Pensions has availed me the opportunity to learn a lot about the Pensions and Financial industry; I have also been presented with an opportunity to develop myself through constant learning and development programs.

Alade Olubunmi

Marketing Department
CrusaderSterling Pensions is Professional in their business dealings and have good corporate governance and values. It is a place where Staff are encouraged to take up responsibilities and take ownership of the business in a bid to grow with the Company.

Adebayo Fagbola

Internal Control Department
My Career with CrusaderSterling Pensions Limited began on the 16th of March, 2015. Having previously worked within the pensions industry for eighteen months, I felt it was time to further develop myself with an industry leader; CrusaderSterling Pensions Limited was my first choice.

Adeoye Adewale

Contributions Department
I am fortunate to be one on the pioneering staff of CrusaderSterling Pensions Limited. The atmosphere and environment here was far above my expectations. Aside from learning new skills and developing myself; members of my team are very kind and friendly with a positive mentality.